February 5, 2022


    If you received a link to this page it is because you failed to make payment plan payment(s) as agreed to for the month of January 2022. Pursuant to your bail bond agreement and our payment plan policy, your account will be considered in FINAL DEFAULT after today, Saturday, February 5, 2022.


    Accounts that remain in default will result in a WARRANT for your arrest, civil and criminal court collection actions, and additional legal fees. You must bring your account current by making both January AND February payments TODAY to avoid these consequences.


    We sent you another link to your online invoice today. You are advised to make the required online payment through the link or contact our office immediately at (830) 542-2202 or (833) TEX-BOND (839-2663).


    Refer to our payment policy below:

  • Part 1 - Payment Methods


    1. Invoices. Scheduled payments will be invoiced each month. Invoices will be sent electronically and also by mail if requested by the client.


    2. Online payments. Electronic invoices can be paid online directly through the invoice by credit/debit card and ACH bank draft. Cryptocurrency payments are also accepted (contact our office for details). A confirmation and receipt will be sent automatically upon successful online payment. Partial payments are accepted online. For convenience and security we strongly encourage you to use electronic invoices for all scheduled payments.


    3. In-person payments. Cash, cashier’s checks, money orders, and card payments may be made in-person on TUESDAYS ONLY (check-in day) at our office in San Antonio, Texas. Personal checks and third party checks including payroll and government-issued checks are not accepted.


    4. Payments by mail. You may mail cashier’s checks and money orders as payment to our office in San Antonio, Texas. Payments will be credited when actually received the office, and the office is not liable for lost or stolen payments sent by mail.


    Part 2 – Policy Regarding Non-Payment


    5. Due dates and extensions. Monthly invoice payments are due on the last day of their respective month. As stated in the original agreement, no extensions or grace periods will be automatically offered. Clients may request a payment extension BEFORE the payment due date only, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


    6. Nonpayment and declaration of default. If a payment is not received on the due date specified in an invoice and a payment extension is not approved by this office, the account and associated bond(s) will be IMMEDIATELY considered in default. Your original agreement states in part:


    The client and his cosigners understand failure to abide by the above payment plan may result in the bond being considered in default as described herein above and/or the surety deeming the bonds and notes described herein in default or otherwise forfeited.


    7. Action following default. Once considered in default, this office has the right to pursue all of the following actions:


    a. Declare all fees immediately due and demand payment in full,


    b. Initiate civil actions (lawsuits) against the client and his cosigner(s) for unpaid fees and related collection and legal costs, and


    c. Surrender outstanding bond(s), causing arrest warrants to IMMEDIATELY issue.


    These actions will begin no more than five (5) days following the date the account and bond(s) are considered in default.


    8. Late payments and return to good standing. If the client makes a payment which brings the payment plan current within 10 days after declaration of default, and the payment is accepted by this office, the account and related bond(s) will no longer be considered in default and no further action described in this section will be taken by this office. Accounts and bond(s) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in the event of a payment made more than 10 days after declaration of default. Payments and account balances remain due in accordance with the original agreement regardless of any action or non-action taken on the part of this office.